2nd, 3rd & 4th November 2021 | Virtual Event

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Europe’s only dedicated conference for end-to-end MedTech Clinical Training and Education returns on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th November 2021!

The COVID‐19 pandemic has disrupted global health, social welfare, and the economy in a proportion unparalleled in modern history. In addition to the effects of the disease itself on public health, it also has an immediate and long-term impact on the process of designing and delivering product training to trainers and HCPs. Clinical training and educational professionals are continuously working towards restructuring and transforming traditional training programs into digital training programs to support HCPs and hospitals during and post COVID-19 while also upgrading the quality and standard of their training courses/workshops.

Now in its 6th year, the 2021 European Medical Device and Diagnostic Clinical Training and Education Conference aims to bring together the industry’s best minds under one roof to explore, discuss, and learn about the innovative training technologies and evidence-based training programs for supporting product training, improving skills and increasing knowledge retention. Through the modelling of best practices and innovative techniques in training delivery, this three-day conference will provide attendees with live content and highly interactive sessions supported by real-life business examples, case studies, Q&A sessions, panel debates, and interactive workshops.

Only at TT Clinical Training, will you be able to network with your peers including leading technology innovators and service providers. The wealth of knowledge & advice available at the conference can help you with your pressing clinical training challenges such as designing customized training programs for targeted HCP groups, managing remote global training programs, leveraging technology for a blended-learning approach, capitalizing on digital KOLs to increase knowledge and skills adoption and planning a virtual training for a large audience.

If you are part of the MedTech Clinical Education community, TT CT guarantees a valuable return on time invested.


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120+ MedTech Clinical Training and Education Professionals
20+ Solution-Focused Topics
7 Hours of Networking


What our attendees said

Why Attend TTCT

Live interactive content

TT CT is a collaborative environment for learning using a powerful mix of interactive content. TT CT delivers all the clinical training and education content you need in the most engaging formats like breakout sessions, an informal Q&A after every session, panel debates, case studies and workshops.

Meet your counterparts 

TT’s robust screening process means that all attendees will be in an exclusive environment full of MedTech clinical training experts ensuring mutual benefits. Attendees can ask their most important questions to the group for direct replies from industry experts.

Customize your content

TT CT enables attendees to pick the subjects most relevant to them to attend. This tailored approach ensures each attendee receives the information and networking opportunities most applicable to their day-to-day role.

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